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CP&R conducts formal mock interviews that can help you refine the content and presentation of your answers and practice questions you might ask your interviewer(s).  Each session is typically one hour and includes Q&A and time for review and feedback.

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Please note that mock interviews should be scheduled several days in advance. If you're not ready for a practice run, schedule an interview prep appointment to develop your preparation strategy.

Types of Mock Interviews

General Mock Interview

This session includes a videotaped mock interview and time to process the recording. It mimics and behavioral interview often used in phone and first-interview settings. 

General mock interviews are also used in preparing for graduate school interviews, internships, and fellowship applications.

Case Interview Prep

Understand the strategy and approach to a case interview. Participate in a mini-mock (30 minutes) as a pre-requisite for a 90-minute practice case interview with an experienced professional. 

Medical Mock Interview

Offered in partnership with Jill Jones, Pre-Health Advisor. Invitation only.