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There is no one-size approach to resume writing. Each resume you submit should be reviewed and tweaked as necessary for the position you want. Your resume should represent you - your personality, your accomplishments, your education, and your experience. 


We recommend starting with the following: 

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Awards and Recognition
  4. Skills and Activities 

Once you have down the basics, choose or create categories that best fit your experience. For example, “Experience” may also be titled “Internship Experience,” “Marketing Experience, “Teaching Experience” etc. Keep it clean and straightforward.


One page. (yes, really)

The average reader spends only 20-30 seconds initially reviewing a resume; prove you can be concise and include only those that are most applicable to the particular job or field. Science resumes are an exception and have a template to follow.


Again. Look for spelling and grammatical errors. Keep the formatting consistent (font, spacing, style).  Describe your experiences in third person using short phrases and appropriate verb tense.


Protect the “white space” on your page.  Use it in conjunction with fonts and formatting to highlight important information.

Review the tips on resumes provided in the Career Services Guide or look for inspiration in the Scripps College Resume Book.

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