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There are more than 900 MBA programs throughout the world with tremendous variety among them.  Rankings alone may not tell the whole story.

Many MBA programs require two years of prior professional experience. This and your GMAT score are only two of many criteria evaluated during the admissions process. This will depend on the individual school, so be sure to read through their admission requirements thoroughly. is an informational website and blog full of resources, including an MBA guide, interviews with current students, and much more. It’s an excellent place to find out more about MBA programs, whether you’re just starting your search or are looking for a specialized program.

Make Connections

Search the Scripps Community Network  and your contacts on LinkedIn to talk with others who pursued an MBA. 


The Graduate Management Admissions Test measures general verbal, mathematical and analytic writing skills associated with success in the first year of study at graduate schools of management or business. It consists of two multiple-choice sections and one that features timed writing tasks.