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Your cover letter should always accompany your resume and is an opportunity to sell yourself to an employer. First, your letter shows you are aware of the organization’s needs, products, services, and direction.  It also highlights your skills, abilities and experience that will meet those needs. Employers can easily spot generic cover letters. Personalize each one by demonstrating your familiarity with or interest in the organization or field.


  • Address the cover letter to the person who is responsible for initiating the hiring process or for making the hiring decision. If you are unsure, call the organization to inquire.
  • Always state the title or description of the position you are seeking.
  • Include the name of the person who referred you to the organization, if applicable, or indicate the way you found out about the position.
  • Briefly summarize your most desirable qualifications that meet your prospective employer’s needs. Mimic the language used in the job description.
  • Use your own voice to keep your letter unique and engaging.
  • Request an interview and an established time when you might follow up with a phone call. (Be sure to follow through on any commitment you make.)


  • Use a professional, business letter format.
  • Include the header from your resume to pair the two documents together.
  • Carefully check spelling, grammar, and typing.
  • Read a sample in the Career Services Guide.

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