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The first step in career planning is self-awareness. Consider the following areas of reflection before making any major career decision. Meeting with a career counselor may help you uncover some of these answers.

  • Values: traits and qualities that represent your highest priorities. What is important to you in a job? Creativity? Independence? Salary? Cause?
  • Skills: professional talents, abilities, and competence. What skills would you like to use or develop? Are you good at leading/managing or informing/teaching?
  • Interests: subjects and activities that hold your attention. Are you interested in scientific problem-solving? Social justice? Data management?
  • Personality: your essential character. Do you prefer working with large groups of people or more independently? Would you prefer to work with the details of a project, or the big picture?

Computer-Based Assessments

After your self-assessment, you may consider a computer-based assessment to help provide you with more information.  These are designed to measure specific interests or preferences and typically taken only once.  While they can provide valuable information in your continued career exploration, computer-based assessments cannot tell you what you should do.

Plan ahead:

Each assessment requires an introductory counseling appointment, approximately 30 minutes to take the assessment itself, plus one or two 1-hour follow-up appointment(s) with your counselor to discuss your results.

Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss if these assessments would be a good fit for you and what you can expect.

Types of Assessments

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) – identifies a personality profile based on your preferences within four distinct categories, and provides examples of careers that might allow you to exercise those preferences.

Strong Interest Inventory – assesses your interests, preferences, and personal styles and identifies occupations that are a good fit for others with similar preferences.

This is a service provided by CP&R and offered to you at no charge.